by 凯利 2017-03-15

More and more young Chinese are breaking with tradition and going abroad for their weddings. Influenced by the many celebrities including Yang Mi, Hou Peicen, Zhang Dongjian, Liu Shishi, Lin Xinru, that have chosen Bali as there destination wedding, young couples looking for a truly international and unique wedding experience for their family and friends are planning to get married on the exotic island in Indonesia. Bali’s unique geographical environment and special cultural atmosphere combined with stunning private villas and beautiful unspoiled coastal locations make it a hot destination for young Chinese couples and many Chinese travel companies are now able to provide full wedding planning and services with offices and staff in Bali.


The drawbacks of traditional Chinese weddings


Traditional weddings are expensive and as Chinese we are obligated to invite distant relatives we barely know and friends and colleagues who would rather be somewhere else. People who we have barely seen in years and whose name we often forget. Traditional weddings are overly formal and structured leaving little time to share and enjoy the experience with our closest friends and family. Meeting expectations and obligations as well as the many hundreds of guests is exhausting for the couple and far from their dream of the wedding day  being the happiest day of their lives.


Why not share this intimate experience with those closest to you in a relaxing setting not controlled by time constraints and traditional obligation where everyone has time to enjoy each others company in a location that is peaceful, exotic and relaxing.


Why get married on and Island?


There are a many stunning villas to choose from in amazing locations with unique luxury and privacy. In many cases you won’t have direct neighbors so you can enjoy the celebrations with out being disturbed or disturbing others. The villas offer a large choice of locations and layouts to choose from so that you can find the prefect villa for your unique wedding requirements. You may want a large outdoor space with incredible views or maybe you want o tie the know on a sandy beach with the sound of the ocean as your soundtrack. Personalization of the wedding allows you to celebrate in the perfect way that you want. There are a number of wedding planners based both in Bali and in China that can arrange everything for your ceremony. Flowers, food, music and equipment can all be easily arranged to meet your needs.


You can keep thing simple and intimate with a close group of friends and family. Spend time and share the joy with those people that matter in your life and drop the traditional formalities for a more fun and close knit experience. Simplicity often means a lot less stress. Keeping it simple and less formal means you will enjoy the wedding more having less to worry about. Its free of nerves, embarrassment, expectation and olbligations that often make a traditional wedding the most stressfuly day of ones life rather than the happiest.


It is less complicated


You might be thinking that to arrange a wedding so far away from home in a country you barely know is going to be difficult. You might wonder what would be a good location?  How do I arrange everything? Will the villa take care of us and our guests. Do we need visas? Will anyone speak Chinese? Asia Villas and our wedding planner partners can take care of everything for you. More and more Chinese are getting married now in Bali and so the facilities and people there have a lot of experience holding wedding for Chinese people as well as other couples from all over the world.


Here are the things you need to know:


The best time: Many people choose to hole their wedding in Bali when the weather is best between April and September. This is the period of the least rain and generally nicer conditions. Remember to reserve your wedding villa around 12 months before because the best villa are often booked quickly and far in advance. If you leave it too late you may find yourself without a good venue and possibly paying more.   


The best location: There are a lot of great wedding venues in Bali. Many have been purposely built with dedicated wedding facilities from large open lawns to hold ceremonies to commercial kitchens for preparing food and drinks. Asia villas has many villas in locations around Bali that can meet your requirements. For example, there are many choices in the beautiful area of Seminyak and the relaxing Canggu. In the end it comes down to your wedding size, budget and preferences for facilities like privacy, garden space, beach access, sea views, picture perfect ceremonies etc. If it is privacy you are after, then renting an independent villa is a must. It allows you also spend your honeymoon there relaxing in the wedding afterglow in the wonderful surroundings. Recline on a sunbed by the pool, get a massage, take a nap to the sounds of the ocean. Staff on hand will take care fo all your needs without interrupting your privacy. By the time you return home you will have been pampered and completely reenergized. You will feel refreshed, happy and ready to return your normal life.


Choosing a Wedding Villa


At Asia Villas we have many high end luxury villas suitable for weddings in Bali. All our villas have all been personally tested to meet a very high standard of service, cleanliness and facilities for the perfect weddings. Every villa attaches great importance to your privacy and will ensure that your stay is comfortable and stress free. We even provide a Chinese speaking concierge service who you can call to help you in any way during your stay. We can also help you to find a high quality wedding planner to ensure your wedding in Bali is perfect. Our villas also have private chef, massage and spa therapist, Daily maid services and 24 hour security. Choosing a private villa for your wedding will be the best investment you can make it in this most special day of your lives.    



top leftIncredible Sea View Wedding


Picture the soft breeze, the faint smell of the sea, and the white waves patting the beach in front of the perfect villa. A stunning location looking out to the spectacular sunset over the sea as you say your wedding vows in front of your closest family and friends. Sea View villas are the most popular destination for couples and the spectacular scenery in Southwest Bali is where some of the most amazing wedding villas are located. Villa Atas Ombak is one of our guest’s favorites with its big open spaces and stunning sea views.


Fun and Intimate Beach Weddings


Weddings on the beachfront have a more playful and fun feel about them with a closer connection to the beauty and sounds of nature. The can also make for stunning photographic opportunities with the spectacular colourful sunsets over the water.


Spectacular Cilff Top Villas


If it is privacy you want then a cliff top wedding could be the right option for you. You and your guest will not be disturbed. The views are incredible and often the breezes are more refreshing especially in the late afternoons. Sunrises and sunset can be especially spectacular. In South West Bali and only 30m from the cliff top, The Istana villa sits 60m above Suluban Beach and has endless sea views and beautiful natural scenery. An ideal place for a wedding your guests will be moved by its natural beauty and stunning layout.


Large Garden Outdoor Wedding


If you are planning a large number of guests to attend your wedding then you may want to consider a villa that has a large oversized garden area on a big villa estate.  The additional space will create a sense of tropical grandeur even with a large number of guests attending.


Kaba Kaba Estate is a great example of huge open spaces having a private garden of more than 12,000 square meters with arcades connecting the villas and local rice fields. It is located in a small town with the same name and overlooks the wonderful scenery of the "rice village". The views of boundless yellow rice fields even extends to Agung, Batur and Batukaru volcanic mountains. Guests will be totally immersed in this colorful, magnificent beauty.


Other Considerations 


Bali has a many beautiful souvenirs that can be used as gifts for the wedding guests. Rather than bring gifts from home give the guests something special from Bali that they will keep forever to remind them of the wonderful time they had at your wedding. In the local markets you can find wood and stone carvings, paintings, delicate gold and silver jewelries, masks, and handmade batik fabrics. Among them, the manual jam and organic soap are great ideas for souvenirs. Couple Liu Shishi once bought handmade jam as wedding gifts for their guests from local disadvantaged children with no homes. Supporting the less fortunate in the local community is a great way to give back to the local community and to leave a positive impact in Bali after your wedding.


You can find local souvenirs all over Bali especially in Kutaqi in the south of Bali. While returning from Ubud you will pass villages which offer many unique and handcrafted gifts and souvenirs for sale. Communication is not  a problem – just let the shop owner show you the price on a calculator and then the bargaining begins. And remember – be fair as they rely on selling the to feed families and support the local community. If you don’t want to bargain you can always go straight to the more tourist markets of Krisna Bali or Geneva where you will also find incense oils, wickerwork bag, wood carving cat and more.


Local wedding banquet food


Food plays a central role in any wedding especially so for Chinese. Banquets in Bali differ from those back home with a focus on tradition and local cuisines of South East Asia. Don’t be afraid to try these foods – you and your guests will find them surprisingly delicious and also well priced. Specialties not to be missed include crispy duck Bali style made with pistachio sauce, green lemon slices and red watermelon slices for decoration. The overall taste is complex, rich and mouth watering. Roasted pork rice is another prestigious dish in Bali. The whole suckling pig is filled with spices, roasted over fire until crispy skin and tender meat, golden, sleek and fragrant, and is delicious with rice. There are many shops selling roasted pork rice and they are always fully crowded with hungry locals.


Seafood is especially good in Bali. Is is commonly barbequed fresh over fire to be eaten with delicious local spicy sauces. If barbeque is not to your liking you can also find seafood restaurant in Chinese and Singaporean style with excellent dishes to enjoy.



The After Party


Depending on the makeup of the guests, it is becoming increasingly popular for the younger generations to continue celebrating in an informal manner after the wedding. It can be at the villa as there is of space to separate the groups or it can be at another venue but the idea is to celebrate further the happiness of the wedding day well into the night with the closest of friends.

Wedding Planning:


Probably the most important part of having your wedding in a foreign destination is to have a high quality wedding planning company. The wedding planner is responsible for all the coordination, preparation and execution of the event. They should make everything run smoothly and make sure there are no problems on the day. Best of all you are free to enjoy your wedding day while they take care of all the organization issues.


A wedding can be self planned but it is not recommended because of the time spent trying to organize so many small things especially in a foreign country will consume a lot of your time and have you worrying about everything. In the end the stress is just not worth it. Better to spend the money on a good wedding planner and let yourself enjoy the occasion practically stress free.


We recommend using a Chinese wedding planning company that has a strong presence and experience in Bali. It will be easier to communicate for you because there are many detailed things. During the communication, you will find a company more suitable for you, rather than totally depending on the sites and photos, so it is wise to communicate more. Many planning companies can also take photos for your wedding. You can also take your favorite photography team with you from home because every team has its own special talents which may be important to you. The beautiful environment in Balinese paradise is an opportunity not be missed and you will leave the island with many stunning photos to remember the happiest time of your lives.