by 倩怡 2016-12-01

Replete with swaying palms, Koh Samui – also known as Coconut Island – is world-renowned for its naturally beautiful environment. When you first arrive on this paradise stretch, you’ll feel the essence of coconuts in the air, the tropical sea breeze flow through your hair and the powder-soft sand seep through your toes – an undeniable allure of sultry existence abounds on all sides. With such tranquility throughout the landscape, feel your soul recede into a state of extreme calm that is simply unachievable elsewhere.


For both physical and mental rejuvenation, seek out the indulgent spas of Koh Samui, which are dotted throughout the island, many within touching distance of one another. 


Allow us to educate you as to the multitude of retreats available on this paradisiacal spot.