by 双儿 2017-03-07

Sampling local specialties; enjoying extravagant entertainment; being enchanted by breath-taking scenery; experiencing local customs and traditions. These are all part of the holistic experience that is travelling, and Thai lady-boy cabaret undoubtedly has its own special place.   


Lady-boys are common in Thailand and are an entertainment in their own right. From the editor’s perspective, we’d go as far as to suggest that the lady-boy has a beautiful face, a graceful figure, a moving smile and a demure demeanor. There is something captivating about their presence.


The origin of the lady-boy is much deliberated. Some believe that during World War II American soldiers in Thailand engaged in a variety of salacious activities, leading to some Thai families encouraging their sons into a transgender proposition in order to solicit business. Others argue that the practice derives from the Indian hermaphrodite, similar to the eunuchs of China. Whatever the provenance, the lady-boy has prevailed in Thailand and cabaret shows now have their own special place in Thai culture. 


It’s time to give in and enjoy the spectacle that is Thai lady-boy cabaret!