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Picturesque scenery

Renowned for its stunning scenery, Phuket is extremely accessible via its several port terminals, many of which have a timetabled ferry service taking you to the many must-see destinations of the local area. Within easy reach are phenomenal beaches including those of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Island, which sit just a 2-hour boat ride away from Rassada. For the snorkelers among us, Similan Island is obligatory with its protected coral reefs while James Bond fans will be blown away by the picturesque Phang Nga Bay – with its very own James Bond island of The Man with the Golden Gun fame. Kayak through the crystal waters of the area and drink in its majesty. 


Adrenalin-fueled adventure

Phuket is the one of most famous diving locations in the world, and every year thousands of diving aficionados arrive to earn their PADI certificate. There are a several world-class diving centers with a variety of diving and yacht-based activities. With a variety of choice amongst submerged shipwrecks and colorful coral reefs, plus the option of a spot cliff diving to get you revved up, what more could you want. An average water temperature of 28 degrees makes this area a favourite diving destination for the masses.


Spiritual visits

Phuket has 29 temples, each deeply engrained in Thai history and heritage. Both locals and tourists revere the temples - each for their own reasons – and they are the perfect spot for an insight into the Buddhist culture that dominates the island. Head south and find Wat Chalong Temple, a prestigious spot of spiritual importance that has been visited by millions of visitors over the centuries. 


Health and healing

At the heart of Thai tradition lies spa-culture; the need to recede into luxurious surrounds for a spot of pampering. Phuket is no different and has its fair share of wellness establishments. Whilst it is easy enough to find a massage on one of the many beaches, we thoroughly recommend experiencing a traditional Thai massage, the likes of which is offered at Oasis Spa. Shaded within the lush vegetation of its surrounds, this beautiful Thai spa offers the customary massage experience including herbal baths and hydrotherapy pools. Enjoy the true experience that is a Thai spa at Oasis.


Gourmet delicacies

Thailand is a true sensory adventure and one which your taste buds will enjoy as much as the rest of you. Whether devouring delicious pork soups, sweet ginger teas or a zingy Pad Thai with crunchy fresh vegetables, head to a night market and experience the true Thai-gourmet experience. In recent years, Thai cuisine has gone global, with all corners of the world chasing a mouthful of their delectable food. But only once you have tasted a truly authentic version of a Thai dish will you be able to fully appreciate its splendor; the ultimate in taste-sensations, you will fall in love in a heartbeat. 


Pure, white sands

No matter what you choose to see or where you choose to visit, the beach is must. There are a variety of beach options and each has a different view with its own unique vibe. Whether choosing to party at Nikki Beach, lie on a sun-drenched paradise sipping champagne or swim in the crystal-clear waters of a private cove, the choices are all there for you. Stumble down tree-lined paths, peak onto secluded stretches of sand and savor the serenity of Phuket’s beachfront. Banana beach - just a short hike from Amanda Resort – has some of the most spectacular scenery in the area, and is certainly worth the effort. 



Whether you are a natural riser or need a caffeine-hit to welcome in the mornings, the early hours of a Phuket-day are a special time. The majority of luxury Phuket villas are equipped with private chefs and spa services, leaving you to welcome in the mornings in style with a gourmet breakfast and in-villa treatment. Wake up to the sound of waves in Samsara, enjoy a sun-lit breakfast then dive into your private swimming pool, rounding everything off with a short spell in the sauna. There is even a specially-designed meditation room for a spot of mindfulness or yoga; the perfect kick start to any day in paradise.